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Make a Modal using Bootstrap CSS and VueJS

The Modal will look and work like a Bootsrap Modal. But instead of using jQuery, VueJS 2.0 is used. The picture below shows the end result. Make a Vue 2.0 project using the Vue-CLI This tutorial is using Run-time only. Don’t forget to npm install the modules and then npm run dev. Install Bootstrap 3…

How to setup Vue-Router 2.0: Basic Setup

VueJS is an awesome framework. It has two-way data binding and it’s easy to get started. The best part is its capability to be a SPA. We can make a SPA using Vue’s Vue-Router plugin. In this example, we’ll: Start a new VueJS 2.0 project.

Parameters and Query Strings in Express.js

I’ve recently been dabbling on Node.js and it’s been a really awesome server platform. So naturally, I've needed to use Express.js for scripting. This also means that I’ve been dealing with parameters and query strings. They’re very important if you’re a server-side developer no matter which scripting language you use. They help accomplish many things like web service API’s. Although these are common and straightforward for server-side development, I’d like to share my understanding of them.

Workadround to make iOS CollectionView in Ionic

For mobile, Ionic has got you covered with its Ion-List. But currently (version 1.3.8), a CollectionView in Ionic, that should look and work like iOS' UICollectionView, has not been implemented. But there's a simple workaround. It (mostly) depends on the CSS.