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How to sync data in iOS

Sync data in iOS using Objective-C, JSON and REST architecture. You will learn the idea of how to send a request to a remote server and get a response from the sever to the app. The examples will be in synchronized transmission rather than asynchronous. But I will discuss asynchronous and the server-side in the end.

How to run Ionic on real devices

The iOS simulator and Genymotion are good and all but there are cases where we want to run our apps on real devices. Running on devices definitely gives a different feel. This tutorial will show you how to run your Ionic on real devices via the terminal.

How To Make an Ionic App on the Terminal

This tutorial will show you how to make an Ionic App on the terminal and run it on a browser, iOS Simulator and Genymotion. I've also noted some errors and problems that I've encountered when I first started making an Ionic project on the terminal just in case you'll encounter them too.