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Make a Modal using Bootstrap CSS and VueJS

The Modal will look and work like a Bootsrap Modal. But instead of using jQuery, VueJS 2.0 is used. The picture below shows the end result. Make a Vue 2.0 project using the Vue-CLI This tutorial is using Run-time only. Don’t forget to npm install the modules and then npm run dev. Install Bootstrap 3…

How to setup Vue-Router 2.0: Basic Setup

VueJS is an awesome framework. It has two-way data binding and it’s easy to get started. The best part is its capability to be a SPA. We can make a SPA using Vue’s Vue-Router plugin. In this example, we’ll: Start a new VueJS 2.0 project.

Gulp for handling AngularJS files

Many AngularJS modules means many script tags. Eliminate all these script tags by putting all these AngularJS files into one JavaScript file using Gulp. Use Gulp to watch any changes in the files for automatic concatenation and live reload.

Parameters and Query Strings in Express.js

I’ve recently been dabbling on Node.js and it’s been a really awesome server platform. So naturally, I've needed to use Express.js for scripting. This also means that I’ve been dealing with parameters and query strings. They’re very important if you’re a server-side developer no matter which scripting language you use. They help accomplish many things like web service API’s. Although these are common and straightforward for server-side development, I’d like to share my understanding of them.

10 Angular VS Backbone VS Ember Articles

JavaScript is advancing. It's making the web and native mobile development even better. Thanks to smart people around the world, we have these powerful frameworks. The top three are BackboneJS, EmberJS and AngularJS. But which one to choose? These articles should help you decide whether you're an experienced JavaScript developer or just beginning!