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Workadround to make iOS CollectionView in Ionic

For mobile, Ionic has got you covered with its Ion-List. But currently (version 1.3.8), a CollectionView in Ionic, that should look and work like iOS' UICollectionView, has not been implemented. But there's a simple workaround. It (mostly) depends on the CSS.

How to add Icon & Splash to Ionic manually

What if Ionic's image generator somehow stops working one day and you really need to add app icon and splash image in different sizes for iOS and Android? Here’s one way to add these assets manually. I’ve also included Illustrator files as templates for your convenience. Free downloads.

How to run Ionic on real devices

The iOS simulator and Genymotion are good and all but there are cases where we want to run our apps on real devices. Running on devices definitely gives a different feel. This tutorial will show you how to run your Ionic on real devices via the terminal.

How To Make an Ionic App on the Terminal

This tutorial will show you how to make an Ionic App on the terminal and run it on a browser, iOS Simulator and Genymotion. I've also noted some errors and problems that I've encountered when I first started making an Ionic project on the terminal just in case you'll encounter them too.