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Gulp for handling AngularJS files

Many AngularJS modules means many script tags. Eliminate all these script tags by putting all these AngularJS files into one JavaScript file using Gulp. Use Gulp to watch any changes in the files for automatic concatenation and live reload.

Workadround to make iOS CollectionView in Ionic

For mobile, Ionic has got you covered with its Ion-List. But currently (version 1.3.8), a CollectionView in Ionic, that should look and work like iOS' UICollectionView, has not been implemented. But there's a simple workaround. It (mostly) depends on the CSS.

10 Angular VS Backbone VS Ember Articles

JavaScript is advancing. It's making the web and native mobile development even better. Thanks to smart people around the world, we have these powerful frameworks. The top three are BackboneJS, EmberJS and AngularJS. But which one to choose? These articles should help you decide whether you're an experienced JavaScript developer or just beginning!