10 Angular VS Backbone VS Ember Articles

Angular Vs Backbone Vs Ember. Which one to choose?

Here’s a collection of articles I’ve found that truly explain each of the top three JavaScript frameworks today. I made sure I chose each articles that aren’t too biased, and detail the writers’ personal experiences (which framework they chose and why they went with that choice).

1. Backbone or Angular or Ember? Here is my choice and why

This guy speaks deeply from personal experience.

100PercentJS compares Backbone, Angular and Ember.

2. Angular, Backbone, or Ember: Which is Best for your Build?

Code School gives you an organized overview on each of the three frameworks.

Code school explains Backbone, Angular and Ember. Which is best for you?

3. BackboneJS vs AngularJS: demystifying the Myths

This post really breaks down BackboneJS and AngularJS with code samples.

Demystifying the myths of Angular vs Backbone.

4. A Comparison of Angular, Backbone, CanJS and Ember

Comparisons with ratings!

Comparing Angular, Backbone, and Ember plus CanJS!

5. What should beginners choose?

What should beginner's choose?

6. Angular, Ember, And Backbone: Which JavaScript Framework Is Right For You?

This one looks like it has lots of information but only because it has too many pictures along the way. Great info though!

Which JavaScript framework is right for you?

7. AngularJS vs Backbone.js vs Ember.js―Choosing a JavaScript Framework [Part 2]

Do charts help decide? Well, this one has charts.

Comparing JavaScript frameworks using charts!

8. Why I Chose Ember.js

Okay, I know the title seems biased, but Ryan Tablada explains his long experiences with each framework. I don’t think this article will disappoint.

Why Ryan Tablada chose EmberJS

9. Backbone and Ember

This one talks only about Backbone and Ember, but there’s a section where it talks about two kinds of audiences with different needs. It’s a really good point.

Backbone and Ember.

10. Opinionated rundown of JS frameworks

Really defines pros and cons with fallible conclusions

Opinionated Rundown of JS Frameworks

In the end

It comes down to what you’re comfortable with and what gives you the best results to help accomplish what you’re trying to do. Most people who are truly beginners should try out AngularJS first because it would be less frustrating because it’s opinionated. Be warned: Once you get deep with Angular, there’s a learning curve and this learning curve comes sooner than you think. Because of this, most developers suggest learning Backbone than Angular or Ember first. But if you want to go make something unique, or think that something is better done another way than just the “Angular way”, then start with Backbone or some other MV* JavaScript framework that’s not opinionated. Whatever your project is, it’s better to have an understanding of each of them so you can be sure for yourself. I’m not saying that you need to be an expert at each one of them, just try to get the idea of how each of them works so you know for yourself which one you can use for work. Everyone is different and every project will have it’s differences, just pick the right framework for you and your project.