Gulp for handling AngularJS files

Many AngularJS modules means many script tags. Eliminate all these script tags by putting all these AngularJS files into one JavaScript file using Gulp. Use Gulp to watch any changes in the files for automatic concatenation and live reload.

Parameters and Query Strings in Express.js

I’ve recently been dabbling on Node.js and it’s been a really awesome server platform. So naturally, I've needed to use Express.js for scripting. This also means that I’ve been dealing with parameters and query strings. They’re very important if you’re a server-side developer no matter which scripting language you use. They help accomplish many things like web service API’s. Although these are common and straightforward for server-side development, I’d like to share my understanding of them.

Workadround to make iOS CollectionView in Ionic

For mobile, Ionic has got you covered with its Ion-List. But currently (version 1.3.8), a CollectionView in Ionic, that should look and work like iOS' UICollectionView, has not been implemented. But there's a simple workaround. It (mostly) depends on the CSS.

How to sync data in iOS

Sync data in iOS using Objective-C, JSON and REST architecture. You will learn the idea of how to send a request to a remote server and get a response from the sever to the app. The examples will be in synchronized transmission rather than asynchronous. But I will discuss asynchronous and the server-side in the end.

How to add Icon & Splash to Ionic manually

What if Ionic's image generator somehow stops working one day and you really need to add app icon and splash image in different sizes for iOS and Android? Here’s one way to add these assets manually. I’ve also included Illustrator files as templates for your convenience. Free downloads.